Alderaan Coffee is a unique multi-roaster espresso and coffee pour over bar in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We feature a rotating selection of the finest roasted coffee from all over the US. Alderaan coffee was build by hand by Daniel and David Neumann, natives of Milwaukee. Their goal was to build a unique space that people can relax in and enjoy fine coffee and espresso.

Alderaan features coffee from Anodyne Coffee, Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kickapoo Coffee and many more. We are constantly rotating coffee so stop in and see what we have.

Pour Over Coffee

Our bar is designed with a pour over coffee section that allows us to feature many different varietiesĀ of beans at one time. Our knowledgeable baristas will be able to guide you to a coffee that will suit your tastes.

Espresso Bar

Opposite our pour over bar is a beautiful 3 group La Marzocco GB/50 and 3 Mazzer espresso grinders. To pull the perfect shot of espresso you need to start with the right equipment. Our baristas are all trained to pull the perfect shot and create amazing latte art in every cup of coffee.

Milwaukee & Coffee

Daniel and David were born and raised in Milwaukee. After living in New York and San Francisco they were introduced to some of the best coffee available. Daniel opened two espresso bars in New York called Upright Coffee. Then the brothers decided to return to Milwaukee to open a shop that would bring all their favorite coffees with them. Milwaukee has some amazing locally roasted coffee but did not have a place that featured coffee available throughout the country. Alderaan Coffee has opened to fill that need.